Young prince Dastan , adopted son of King Sharaman, is wrongly accused of selling weapons to enemies of Persia. After a battle, princess Tamina is captured and the evil Dastan takes a strange dagger as spoils. After the invasion, Dastan is framed for the murder of Sharaman by his adoptive uncle Nizam and forced to go on the run from the king's sons. After an attack by an escaped Tamina, Dastan finds that the sands within the dagger's hilt allow him to rewind time by a minute and retain knowledge of what happened before. While going to Avrat for Sharaman's funeral, the two encounter a shady merchant called Sheik Amar, and Dastan encounters Nizam, who pretends to be sympathetic to Dastan's plight. At their meeting, Dastan realizes Nizam's guilt and escapes from an ambush with the princess. Nizam then sets a group of assassins on their tail.

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