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Female Combatant Bolero 1Edit

The Female Combatants are lead by an officer in a red cape, who leads both the attacks and the kidnappings of her organization. After failing the first attack against the superheros, she is seen fleeing with a small contigency of her elite sword wielding guards, only to be ambushed again in a forest.


Light Force Sun Pulser’s fight to bring down an evil organization Jolgar continues. Every time Jolgar attempts something evil, their plans are thwarted by Sun Pulser. On the frontline of the combat, Jolgar’s female combatants in red boots and leotard keep fighting fiercely. On the command of ‘Attack’ from their female officer, the Jolger female combatants take a lunge towards heroes, but they are just lowest-rank fighters. They are no match for the heroes, but with their bodies beaten against the ground, the female combatant refuse to stop fighting, taking a hit again and again from the much stronger fighters until they meet their end, sometimes violently and sometimes beautifully. These girls are fervent and obedient combatants, whose lives are cut short by heroes’ fists and attacks. Jolger never gives up, however, constantly refilling the units with recruits, abducting and brainwashing ordinary women. Today again, the Jolger female combatants, with their pasts and emotions erased, sacrifices their lives as the pawns of the syndicate.... They are so beautiful and fragile. Today, somewhere in this world, these female combatants are fighting the heroes. [BAD END]

(GOMK-11) There is a sample movie on the above link, but you may also message me if you are interested in seeing clips from the movie.