Female Combatants Story - BandobureEdit

An evil organization tries to conquer to world by mindwashing female women into being their fighters, led by a lead female cadre wearing a red cape. The female cadre captures women from town to town, building up her army.

Japanese versions of the power rangers are sent to stop her.

(ZDAD-55) There is a sample movie on the above link, but you may also message me if you are interested in seeing clips from the movie.

Yoshiko Hasegawa - Women CadreEdit

The main villainess of this movie is a female cadre, commander of the female combatants, who fashions a red cape, leather boots and gloves. She's a proud, confident executive in the evil organization. She is seen asserting her dominance and leading her brainwashed female combatants into battle, boldly commanding them to attack while maintaining a safe distance for her own safety. She can be seen fleeing once her forces are exhausted, much to the displeasure of her commander. She also leads to capturing of innocent women to convert them into her army, and is in charge of training as well as disciplining them. She is haughty, high and mighty, though she's usually seen ordering her goons to do her dirty work, as she's quite frail on her own even against unarmed women.

In the final fight, her commander accompanies her and witnesses her tactics first hand. Noticing how badly she failed yet again, the commander "relieves" her of her command as she tries to flee.