Cover Bolero 2


Dark Neros are trying to conquer the world. The female combatants of the Dark Neros work as a sacrificial pawn. No matter how many times they challenge the Power Five, the female combatants get scattered. They have no chance of defeating the superheroes neither using their bare fists or weapons. The Far East Asia Branch Office’s were scoring low in contribution, and Dark Neros is angry. The female captain is afraid of the Leader, and decides to abduct few innocent women on their way. The female captain uses her pantyhose to brainwash innocent women. On the other hand, the members of the Power Five are plotting a way to cleaning up the combatants all at once. Their plan is to have Pink spy into the enemy fortress. Power Pink captures a female combatant and grabs its uniform off. She decides to go deep into the base but... [NEVER ENDING]

(GOMK-60) There is a sample movie on the above link, but you may also message me if you are interested in seeing clips from the movie.

Female CaptainEdit

The Female Captain wears a black and red cape and commands the female combatants of the organization Dark Nero, frail female fighters wearing leotards, leather gloves and leather boots. She leads both the abduction of innocent civilians to bolster her army as well as the attacks against the superheros on her leader's (yellow cape) orders.